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Lincoln High School Alumni Association Archives Mission Statement

The Lincoln High School Alumni Association Archives was established to preserve the history of the public education institution Lincoln High School. The Archives maintains a dynamic collection of materials that will cultivate academic and educational research as a means to cultivate community interest through access, use, and relevancy. The Lincoln High School Alumni Association Archives seeks to instill an appreciation for the past and create connections with the future through active work with the next generations of Lincoln students and alumni. 


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For the past 25 years the LHSAA has been collecting, sorting, cataloging and storing LHS memorabilia. In 1994, a call went out to alumni and others in the LHS Community for donations in honor of Lincoln's 125th anniversary; Harris Matarazzo '75, scoured LHS for yearbooks, documents, trophies, and other items that had been lost, stored or misplaced; Board members and volunteers helped sort, identify, and that got your archives started. Several alumni joined Carolyn Mae  Jackson '55, in the storage unit sorting and archiving and accepting new donations.

Our archives were moved in the summer of 2018 to new and bigger location at First United Methodist Church. If you would like to visit the archives, call Dana Cress 503-952-6084. You can also e-mail at LHSarchives@gmail.com

Friends of Lincoln generously provided financial support to hire two archivists, Katie Bush, a Portland State University graduate student in Public History and along with Lincoln student Caitlyn Aldersea, cataloged and preserved our extensive archives dating back to the early years of Lincoln from the late 1800's forward. 

Also without the help of Dana Cress '64 and  David Bailey and other dedicated alumni and student volunteers, important pieces of Lincoln's history would have been lost. Katie Bush will continue the sorting, cataloging, preservation and digitizing of the archives materials, documents and valued items that help tell the story of Lincoln and of the Lincoln High School Alumni Association.

Dana Cress '64 and David Bailey

Katie Bush (PSU Archivist) and Caitlyn Aldersea (Lincoln Senior)

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