Please join Lincoln High alums at the Charbonneau Golf Course for a Shotgun Scramble Tournament & BBQ in the outdoor Clubhouse Pavilion for post-tournament awards!

~ All alumni friends and family are welcome to join this fun social event ~  

Online Registration Link


60-year Reunion

June 24th: Tour of LHS 4:00-5:00

June 24th: Reunion 5:00-10:00

                      Multnomah Athletic Club

June 25th: Casual Gathering  - TBD 

       Strohecker's Park


60-year Reunion

Updates & information for reunion events coming soon!


60-year Reunion

June 24th: Tour of LHS - TBD

June 24th: Reunion 5:00-10:00

   Stockpot Broiler

Updates & Information coming soon!


50-year Reunion

September 2023 Reunion webpage


50-year Reunion Recap

1970 Reunion Recap webpage


50-year Reunion

Updates & Information coming soon!


50-year Reunion Recap

1971 Class Recap webpage


60-year Reunion

1962 Reunion Recap webpage


50-year Reunion Recap

1972 Class Recap webpage


LHSAA Magazine         SPRING 2023

LHSAA Members can view and download the Summer Issue~ Click the Current Issue tab under LHSAA Magazines on the menu bar

Past Issues of the LHSAA Magazine are available for public view and download with this link Click here!

  About Us  ____________

The Lincoln High School Alumni Association was established on the foundation for all alums' access to membership. We continue to operate as a non-profit organization, sustained 100% by alum donations and volunteer Board Members to ensure low-cost overheard and annual membership dues.The Board started evolving in 2017 and was completed in early 2019 under the guidance and vision of David Perlman. 

The LHSAA Board of Directors and Committee members are multi-generational LHS graduates who volunteer their time to develop and provide free services for reconnecting and networking with LHS alums within our social, cultural, and business community.

Our quarterly LHSAA Magazine, under the guidance and vision of Dana Barton Cress with publishing provided by the Pamplin Media Group alum Robert Pamplin, has brought Lincoln's alumni stories to life with vivid images and content. LHSAA Endowment Fund Scholarships provide opportunities for LHS students to achieve a secondary education from 100% alum donations.

We strive to uphold our mission of integrity and goodwill to all Lincoln High students and alums. Both of these new platforms have allowed us to make membership renewals and donations a more efficient process.


Glenn McMath ’80                                 President                                                                       FOL Liaison

Brian Lamson ’78                          Vice President                                                            Food Drive Chair

Dana Barton Cress ’64                          Treasurer


                                                         Archives Chair

                                                    LHSAA Magazine

David Perlman ’65                            Endowment

Emily Duden Pinkerton ’87                     Website

                                                       Reunions Chair

Greg Leo `70                                    Events Chair

Lise-Marie Massey ’94                    Social Media

Roscoe Nelson ’66                                 Director