Lincoln High School set a precedent for national urban schools by providing Portland students an exemplary public education, athletic achievements, and expanding curriculum in the arts and cultural studies since the school was founded in 1869. 

The Lincoln High School Alumni Association (LHSAA) is a non-profit organization funded 100% by Alumni donations and contributions.

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Lincoln High School Alumni Association (LHSAA) Board of Directors and committee members are a mix of volunteer alumni dedicated to developing and providing alumni services for reconnecting and networking with LHS alumni and supporting Lincoln students' success in school and secondary education. Being a non-profit organization, we depend on alumni donations and involvement within our association to provide the beneficial services and programs established for all members of our Lincoln High community.

Programs & Services

  • LHSAA Website - Site page access & contributions for all members
  • LHSAA Quarterly Magazine - archived copies are available to all alumni - current issue available in print to LHSAA members
  • LHSAA Endowment/Scholarships for LHS Senior Students
  • LHS Class Reunion planning, website page, online registration & payments
  • LHSAA Archives - Historical LHS memorabilia & digital archive resource 
  • Alumni Networking & Volunteering Events 
  • Website Alumni News & Updates - Alumni spotlights, Reunion updates, Calendar of Events, Online access to LHSAA Magazine, Networking & volunteering opportunities, upcoming and past events slideshows, Scholarship recipients, and more...

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Introducing the new LHSAA President

Glenn Doyle McMath Class of 1980

Glenn attended Chapman Grade School before coming to Lincoln in 1976. Glenn loved sports and played football, basketball and ran track. U of O and the Beta Fraternity were next. The McMath’s Oregon legacy runs deep. His father, Architect George McMath is known as “The Father of Preservation”. With a degree in architecture from U of O, he spent his life standing up for Portland’s historic environments. George’s grandfather, famed architect A.E. Doyle (Multnomah County Library, Forestry Center, Meier & Frank to name a few).  Glenn followed in this family legacy as a Senior Real Estate Specialist and Broker for Windermere Realty Trust. Glenn and his wife Greata (Dickey) have one daughter, Lucy, who graduated from Lincoln and this year from Colorado College. Glenn joined the LHSAA Board in 2016 and works hard to support our alumni and today’s students alike.

Thank you, Glenn!



1. Tutor current students contact Melinda Gale

2. Help seniors with college essays contact Amy Loy

3. Help support online club activities contact

4. Help with Resume Writing, Internship & Job Opportunities                    contact Shannon Fasold

5. Donate "science and art lab kits" contact

6. Donate Chromebooks and laptops contact Jill Ross                      

7. Donate to one of the 8 LHSAA scholarships LHSAA Scholarships



Glenn McMath ’80                        President

                                                       FOL Liaison

Brian Lamson ’78                         2nd Vice President                                                                         Food Drive Chairman

Dana Barton Cress ’64                 Secretary/Treasurer

                                                        Archives Chairman

                                                        LHSAA Magazine Editor  

David Perlman ’65                         Past President 

                                                        Endowment Committee

Roscoe Nelson ’66                        Director

Emily Duden Pinkerton ’87          Website Developer/Editor

Lise-Marie Massey ’94                 Reunion Planning Chairman          

We are looking for alumni in the Portland Metro area to serve on these LHSAA Board positions:

  • LHSAA Board Treasurer 
  • Social Media Director- Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter
  • Event Director - Sponsorships / Coordinator 
  • LHSAA Magazine Copy Editor
  • Website Copy Editor
  • Membership Director

For inquiries and Board Member application click this link


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