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Portland, Oregon


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The predecessor of Lincoln High School, called Portland High School, was founded in 1869. It was one of the first public high schools west of the Rockies. After sharing facilities with several Elementary schools on the west side of Portland, the first separate Portland High School building was completed in 1885. It was located on S.W.14th and Morrison. In 1908 the name was changed to Lincoln High School, and in 1912 the school moved to a new building on Broadway between Market and Mill. This building is now part of Portland State University. In September, 1952 school began in the present building on SW 16th and Salmon St.

Throughout the years, Lincoln has been known for providing excellent educational opportunities to Portland students. It is an example for the nation of a downtown urban school which produces high achieving graduates in the face of continuing budget cuts. The Alumni Association is dedicated to doing what it can to continue this proud tradition.

Lincoln High School mascot

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